Project Planning

The purpose of project planning is to clearly define what our goals are, by when we want to achieve those goals, and how we will achieve those goals. In addition, we will establish a project mission statement to guide the progression of our project.

Project planning is complete when the above items have been agreed upon. Each item results in a planning deliverable:

  • The Project Product Backlog defines what our goals are.
  • The Project Timeline defines by when we want to achieve those goals.
  • The Project Specifications defines how we will achieve those goals.
  • The Project Mission Statement can be found on the project overview page.

Project planning is facilitated by one or more Project Planning Sessions. The number of planning sessions depends on how long it takes to finalize the planning deliverables. A project planning session is very similar to a typical scrum meeting. Each session begins with a review of any existing action items and ends with a new list of action items. The rest of the meeting should be devoted to completing the project planning deliverables.

All decisions made in project planning are not final. It is expected that many, if not all, decisions made during the planning process will undergo several revisions and modifications during the lifespan of the project. Unforeseen circumstances, changing project requirements, and many other factors make this necessary. You've heard it before, "Things never go as planned." The Project Planning Notes section will contain updates made to the original project plan.

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