Project Planning Session #2


Project Planning Session #2 went smoothly as our communication blockers from the previous week were resolved after a lengthy testing session during the week. TeamSpeak is our voice communications tool of choice and we will be using Windows NetMeeting/Meeting Space as our data sharing application.

Alejandro reported that Blender will satisfy our modeling requirements. Our modeling requirements require that our 3D modeling tool support the .X and .FBX file formats which are the formats that are supported by XNA. The following informations was provided on the .FBX file format:

The FBX® open-standard, platform-independent 3D file format gives you access to content authored in any software package supporting the FBX file format. FBX plug-ins are included with Autodesk® Maya® software, Autodesk® 3ds Max® software, and Autodesk® VIZ software—providing high levels of interoperability between these packages—and with Autodesk® MotionBuilder™ software, which supports FBX natively. These plug-ins are available at no-charge on this website. The FBX SDK is a free, easy-to-use, C++ software development platform and the API toolkit lets you transfer existing content into the FBX format with minimal effort. FBX is the mostly widely used and supported 3D file format on the market today and its rate of adoption continues to skyrocket.

We also developed a list of features that we want included in the first release of our game. This list can be found under the Game Design section.

Update Previous Action Items


  • Continued work on the project wiki.
  • Developed priliminary guidelines for sprint planning and project planning.


  • Team will adopt official Microsoft coding standards and recommendations. Link provided under Getting Started/Code Standards section.
  • Began registration process. Team needs to develop project description, name, and other required registration information.


  • Blender will satisfy our modeling requirements.
  • Browsed XNA Creators Club website.

New Action Items



  • Write formal project description for registration and send to Juan.
  • Create Knowledge Center area on wiki.
  • Finalize sprint planning page on wiki.


  • Create "Hello World" program highlighting main coding conventions.
  • Complete registration.


  • Purchase Windows PC and setup.
  • Continue Blender testing with a focus on research exporting & importing options.
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