Project Planning Session #1


Project Planning Session #1 marked the official kick-off of Smashing Buttons and Project Corolla, Smashing Button's first project. Planning for this project will prove to be extra challenging since the planning process is being developed concurrently with the project. Not only is the project being planned, but Smashing Buttons and its processes also need to be developed as well.

Our first planning session was inhibited by technical and communications problems. Windows Messenger did not meet our team needs as it only allows voice chat between two participants. Windows NetMeeting has the same limitations on voice chat. We experienced further difficulty with Windows NetMeeting as we were not all able to connect to the meeting session for unknown reasons. These issues will be resolved during the week before our next planning sessions and alternate communication tools will be investigated.

Update Previous Action Items

  • There are no action items to update.

New Action Items


  • Complete the first XNA Tutorial: Displaying a 3D Model on the Screen.
  • Investigate communication problems, find alternative communication tools, and resolve communication blockers.


  • Continue building the wiki.
  • Supplement the tutorials with review materials.


  • Develop the coding standards that will be used for this project.
  • Set up the team's source code repository on


  • Continue to investigate Blender (3D Content Creation Suite). Determine its interoperability with the XNA Framework and its capabilities.
  • Visit the XNA Creators Club and tap for possible artist resources.
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