Project Corolla

Project Mission Statement
To develop a fully functional game that is engaging from a player’s perspective and exhibits the elements of a professional production. As a “starter” project, the development team hopes to:

  • Explore the appeal of game development as a long-term pursuit.
  • Develop skills in the areas of game design and game programming.

Project Description

Technical Aspects and Tools
Project Corolla is a fast-paced, arcade-style video game being designed initially for Microsoft Windows with plans to port the project to the Xbox 360 video game console once the project matures. The choice of platform is being guided by our choice of tools. We will be building our game in C# using the XNA Framework ( designed specifically to create video games. We will be publishing our game on the Xbox 360 as a Community Developer using the XNA Creators Club. Blender ( will be used to generate our graphics and 3D content in conjunction with image editing software.

High-Level Game Concept Overview
Our game will be easy to learn and won’t require a lot of time to enjoy. The game pits two robot vacuums against each other in a battle arena. The robots start at opposite ends of the arena and await the start of the match. Once the match begins, trash will begin to randomly appear in the arena. Trash consists of items such as wadded-up paper, food wrappers, and even dust bunnies. The goal of the match is to collect more trash to earn more points than your opponent. At the end of the match, which may be limited by either time or a pre-determined point value, the robot with more points wins. The catch is that players have limited control over their robot. Each robot spins is place constantly. The only control the player has is to press a button. When the button is pressed, the robot will move in a straight line determined by the direction that it was facing when the button was pressed. The robot will continue to move in that direction until the button is released. Once the button is released, the robot will continue to rotate in place as before. What makes this concept so exciting is that despite its simplicity, there are so many features that can be added. Multiple courses with unique obstacles, power-ups, robot customization, distinct game modes, and stat-tracking are just a few of the features than can be added to this game design.

Design Principles and Development Methodology
The design of Project Corolla is guided by the principles of simplicity and fast-paced, engaging game play. Since this is the first-game game being designed and implemented by us, we wanted to develop as simple a concept as possible that was still interesting and something that people will want to play. Our game design is expandable and will be built in iterations. The first iteration will contain only the core elements of the game. The goal of each subsequent iteration is to add features or enhance current features. We will be using the Agile Development method to facilitate this development and to get results as quickly as possible to mitigate the potential for project stagnation. The Agile method also grants us extreme flexibility in determining when the project is done. Since Agile requires a functional code base at the end of every Sprint (development cycle), we can simply call the project complete when we are satisfied with the feature set of the game.

The use of we, our, and us refers to the project development team – Smashing Buttons.

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