Game Rules

Game Rules

  • 3 minute rounds.
  • 2 player competition; player with the higher score wins.
  • During the last minute of play, the Swapper and Anti-Swapper items randomly appear.
    • If the Swapper is activated first, then the player scores swap and the Anti-Swapper disappears.
    • If the Anti-Swapper is activated first, then the Swapper disappears.
    • Alternatively, there can be a single swapper item. If the player with the higher score activates it nothing happens. If the player with the lower score activates it, then the scores are swapped.
  • With 30 seconds remaining in the round, the Trash Can item randomly appears.
    • The Trash Can item is a compilation of several items and is worth 20 points.
    • If the Trash Can remains after 10 seconds, then the individual contents are dispersed to random locations.
    • 10 seconds may prove to be to long. Maybe the contents should be emptied after 5 seconds.

Dumpster Mechanic (optional)

  • Limit the number of items per vacuum.
    • A designated location on the field of play will be treated as a dumpster where items can be dropped off one at a time.
    • A player earns twice the number of points when an item is dump in the trash.
    • An item can be dumped out when the robot is near the designated dumpster location and presses the A button.
    • A player regains space for each item dropped off and can pick up more items in this manner.
    • Each player should have their own dumpster. If a player dumps trash into the wrong dumpster, the points go to their opponent.

Scoring System

  • Dirt particle (dirticle) = 1 point
  • Trash Can = 20-points
    • Two 5-point items
    • Two 3-point items
    • Four 1-point items
  • Coin = -1 point
  • Swapper = players scores are swapped; destroys Anti-Swapper item.
  • Anti-Swapper = Destroys Swapper item; player scores are not affected.
  • Dumping trash in dumpster = 2x points per item

User Input

  • Direction - Left Stick (analog)
  • Acceleration - Right Trigger (analog)
  • Brake/Reverse - Left Trigger (analog)
  • Item Release - A Button
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