Smashing Buttons utilizes a host of web-based services to aid our development process. All Smashing Button members are required to sign up for the following services unless otherwise noted:

Members with an Xbox 360 are encouraged to get an Xbox Live membership ($50 Gold membership annual fee / $0 Silver Membership annual fee), but it is absolutely not required. You will need an Xbox Live membership and an XNA Developer’s Subscription ($99 annual fee) to deploy XNA built games to the Xbox 360. Fortunately, since our primary focus is using XNA to develop on the Windows platform, it is not necessary to obtain an Xbox Live membership.

If you do have an Xbox Live membership, then use your Gamertag as your username when signing up for the rest of the required services. This will help to keep your online identity consistent within Smashing Buttons.

Windows Live ID

Your Windows Live ID, formally known as Microsoft Passport, gives you access to a wide range of services such as MSN Hotmail, MSN Messenger, and any other service that uses the Live ID for log in credentials. For our purposes, we are interested in having a Windows Live ID to access the following services:

If you have a Gamertag, then you can link your Windows Live ID to it.

Windows Live ID Registration offers free and professional wiki publishing, collaboration, and communication solutions to anyone who needs it and wants it without any advertisements. This is home to our team and project wiki which can be found at The purpose of the wiki is to share knowledge within the team, to document our processes, to aid our development efforts in general, and to publicize details of our projects. The wiki is open to the public for reading, but you will need a account to become a member of the wiki and to edit it. Registration is the world’s largest open source development web site with a centralized resource for managing projects, issues, communications, and code. We use to host our Software Development Site (SDS) for each project that we have. Our SDS is different from our wiki in the fact that the SDS is project specific and that it handles the more technical matters of a project. Release management, code management, task tracking, and bug tracking are all handled here. also hosts our CVS code repository, the most important aspect of this service. You will need a account to access the code repository and to be assigned development tasks. Registration


Email is today’s most popular form of electronic communication and you undoubtedly already have one email address or even more. It is important to share your email address with the team so that we may communicate. Also note that provides you with an email alias in the form of [username] As for our choice of email, we recommend Gmail. The team has an email address as well which is moc.liamg|snottubgnihsams#moc.liamg|snottubgnihsams.

Gmail Registration

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