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This is our project wiki which we will use to aid our development efforts and document all of our processes. To get started, visit the Getting Started/Tools section and be sure to setup up your Windows PC as described. All the necessary and required tools to participate in the project are listed there with download links and installation instructions. Before you start coding, be sure to review our coding standards documented under the Getting Started/Code Standards section. You do not have to memorize them, but please become familiar with them. The Knowledge Center is our knowledge sharing resource and its purpose is to help us grow our programming skills. Frequent posting in this area is encouraged. It is recommended that at least one post be made each week to the Knowledge Center. The most import sections, the Projects, are where documentation for each of our projects can be found. You’ll want to visit our current project’s section every time you visit the wiki. Happy coding!

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August 26, 2007: Sprint 1 Continues

A lot of thought and work has gone into Project Corolla over the past two months – and it’s finally time to get down to business. Using the system of Agile Development, we are in the Sprinting phase. Sprint 1 started two weeks and has six weeks remaining. We have laid out our goals for this Sprint and, assuming we meet all our goals, will have something that at least resembles a game at the end. So what is a sprint you ask? Well, it is simply a specified time period in which we must complete a list of goals. Here’s hoping that Sprint 1 is a Smashing success!

June 20, 2007: SourceForge.net Approves Project Corolla

SourceForge.net has approved Project Corolla which means we are one step closer to starting development. We will be using SourceForge.net to host our code repository and manage our development tasks. This wiki will remain our primary documentation tool and information source. It’s nice to get some love from SourceForge.net since, as we all know, they just don’t go around giving out project sites like candy. Actually, that is a lie. They have accepted and hosted over 100,000 projects and judging by the quality of some of the accepted projects, they will accept just about anything. Don’t worry though. We won’t disappoint. Visit our Project Corolla Software Development site to check out the latest developments.

June 3, 2007: Smashing Buttons Kick Off Their First Project

Ladies and gentleman, you are witnessing the dawn of a new era. The rising of a new dynasty. A spectacle unlike anything the world has ever seen. I introduce to you, Smashing Buttons! Three programmers strong, our goal is to build entertaining, engaging, and, at the very least, interesting games using the XNA Framework. Look for our creations to be released on both the Windows PC and Xbox 360 platforms. Today marks the official start of our first project code-named Corolla. For more information on this exciting project, visit the Project Corolla wiki pages.

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